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Novomins are formulated by our very own doctor and a team of scientists and nutritionists committed to developing and providing you with the highest quality, effective and delicious vitamins.


Our gummies are scientifically formulated to deliver high absorption. The lining of the mouth doesn’t just serve as a taste receptor and protective barrier, it also has the ability to absorb nutrients (buccal absorption). Traditional tablets and capsules skip the oral mucosa while gummies provide an extra means to ensure increased absorption of nutrients from the first chew.

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

Dr Rej Khafaf



Magnesium deficiency is often overlooked and safe to say, myself and my family don't struggle to keep our magnesium levels up anymore since discovering these gummies. They're a delicious part of my daily routine!”

Dr Adame Thorne

Clinician, BDS


Iron is important for general immunity and energy levels. As it supports a reduction in tiredness and fatigue I really feel the benefits of these gummies especially with my busy clinical schedule at Harley Street.

Zara Asare Evans

Registered Nurse


They worked!! After taking Biotin gummies everyday for 2 months I could not actually believe the results! After taking out my braids I noticed how thicker and longer my hair was. The gummies were also easy to take and tasted really good.

Remzie Bilba

Rheumatology Nurse Specialist


Joint Gummies are a great way to deliver glucosamine and chondroitin for those who struggle to take pills and capsules. These components are essential parts of a healthy cartilage which are often overlooked in those who experience joint pain”

Dr Omide Ojo

Clinician, BDS


17 essential vitamins in two delicious gummies that have no artificial anything? It’s a yes from me. With my busy schedule I need something that is easy to take and remember. These gummies do the trick.

Mark Watkins

Registered Mental Health Nurse


These gummies provide an enjoyable way to add important calcium and vitamin D into the diets of those who struggle to take traditional pills. A supplement which puts smiles on faces gets a big yes from me!

How Our Gummies Are Made

All Novomins are manufactured in NSF and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities which means that our facilities adhere to the strict regulations and undergo regular and comprehensive inspections.

Each Novomins product is third-party tested by the Eurofins, a world leader in food and pharma independent testing.


Success Stories

Lauren’s Success

(Beauty Gummies)


I am really enjoying the vitamins, my hair is so shiny and the condition is definitely improving. I am noticing my thinning patches are slowly starting to gain new hair. Also the vitamins are very yummy it's almost like I'm just eating sweets

Pam’s Success

(Collagen Gummies)


I honestly see such a huge difference in my skin when taking these gummies. I feel my skin is more taught and my lines are reduced. Not only that, but they taste like sweets!

Shani’s Success

(Beauty Gummies)


Even my friends and family have been shocked by the results, with many of them asking me if I had extensions or a hair piece in before snapping up the Beauty gummies for themselves.

Anna’s Success

(Biotin Gummies)


“I could feel the difference and see great results after the first bottle of Novovmins Biotin gummies. My face now looks healthier and my skin is smoother with no breakouts. These first fine lines I experienced are now less visible; the skin is more resilient and no more “pillow face” in the mornings!”

Uliana’s Success

(Joint Gummies)


I developed knee pain after surgery on my leg which was bothering me a lot. Joint Gummies  added much more ease to my movement. The cracking noise has reduced significantly. I’m now spending significantly much less time in the morning warming up my sleepy knee joint. 

Zara’s Success

(Biotin Gummies)


They worked!! After taking Biotin gummies everyday for 2 months I could not actually believe the results! After taking out my braids I noticed how thicker and longer my hair was. The gummies were also easy to take and tasted really good. I would always look forward to a Novomins gummy in the morning!

Alexandra’s Success

(Iron Gummies)


Prior to taking Iron Gummies I was anemic. I started feeling a big difference on my second week of taking Iron gummies. I was able to concentrate on my work and was able to exercise after work without getting exhausted. I will be honest, I didn't expect such a massive change so quickly!

Aelita’s Success

(Women’s Bio-Balance Gummies)


I had stomach problems - irritable bowel syndrome. I saw the first improvements after a few weeks of taking Women’s Bio-Balance gummies. A month later, the discomfort practically disappeared, after a couple of months I even began to forget that I used to suffer every day.

Joanne’s Success

(Beauty Gummies)


I find taking these so easy, I hate taking normal tablets but these are like sweets! I’ve noticed the condition of my hair has improved so much and definitely grown, my nails feel stronger and my skin hasn’t broken out in ages, definitely a must have in my day to day routine!


Our vegan range is certified by The Vegan Society - the charity that created the word ‘vegan’ in 1944. Each product in the vegan Novomins range has been thoroughly checked by The Vegan Society to ensure they meet the highest vegan standards.


At Novomins we believe that no animal should suffer from testing. Novomins does not conduct, commission, or pay for tests on animals and has been certified by PETA as an Animal Test-Free company.