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Our products are formulated by our very own doctor and nutritional team to bring you the best ingredients with the highest potency and bioavailability.

Highest Standards

When it comes to the manufacturing process we keep it local. Our gummies are produced here in the UK. We use exceptional facilities which are GMP, FDA & BRC accredited with ingredients sourced from around the world.


We are tired of chunky pills and hard to swallow capsules. Why should we settle for bad taste as well? Our gummies are delicious and only contain squishy yummy natural fruit flavours.

People are talking about us

“No more cravings”

verified purchase

These Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies have really helped curb my appetite a lot and I've only been taking them for a week. I used to binge eat a lot as I always felt hungry, but these have made me not want to eat snacks or much at all! These are quite amazing as I've tried loads of weight loss supplements and diets but found these are the only thing that works for me. Gives me the energy I need to go for walks and reduces my hunger! 100% recommend.

“Subscribing to this!”

verified purchase

Very simple - my nails never looked healthier and glossier, so these Calcium and Vitamin D vitamins really do work! And they are delicious and fun to take.

“Love the taste of these Gummies!”

verified purchase

This is my 2nd lot of Collagen Gummies, B12 Gummies and Vitamin D. Since taking these vitamins my health has improved a lot.

“Easy way to aid muscle recovery for active kids!”

verified purchase

These Kids Magnesium Gummies are great!! My two children are incredibly sporty and often feel muscle fatigue / aches. As adults we take magnesium to aid our recovery and it’s been tricky to find a nice easy way for the kids to yield the same benefits. They love these soft, chewy supplement and maybe coincidentally haven’t moaned of aching muscles since introducing them. They are now on subscription.

“Helps with Insomnia”

verified purchase

Bought these 5HTP Gummies to help my daughter sleep as her adhd and autism acutely affects her sleep pattern, after 3 days she’s sleeping for the first time in 3 years.

“Prompt and efficient delivery.”

verified purchase

Good range of vitamin products.

“Me and the kids are loving these Gummies”

verified purchase

I ordered some of the new products that Novomins launched, and I am really enjoying them as well as my kids. Fast delivery, nice gummies and noticing differences.

“Great Customer Service”

verified purchase

Great customer service, gummies taste amazing, make such a difference. This company will go a long way.

“Taste great and WORK!”

verified purchase

Purchased the Kids Probiotic Gummies few times now. They have really helped my 10-year-old girl with her tummy issues. They are great value for money, and I wouldn't be without them now.

“Kids LOVE them, they actually ask to have them everyday!”

verified purchase

Used for grandchildren. They love the Kids Multivitamin Gummies. Fun shape and colour. Very attractive for the children. Great flavour.

“Love taking Novomins Gummies”

verified purchase

These are great products at a great price, I have been taking the sleep ones and have slept a lot better. I also take the collagen ones and find them a good product, will definitely buy again.

“Works shockingly well”

verified purchase

As a chronic stiff joints complainer I am absolutely in love with these gummies, they've added spring into my step and the flavour is a delightful bonus

“Taste good”

verified purchase

My kids 7 and 9 loves Kids Calcium and Vitamin D Gummies. They taste good which is very important. Recommend the gummies

“Great Iron Supplement”

verified purchase

Great tasting and easy to take. I can’t swallow tablets, so these Iron Gummies are a great way to keep my iron levels up.

“Joint Gummies work!”

verified purchase

Tried Joint Gummies for 30 days and they do work, reduced stiffness in ankles and knees in the morning, when I stopped taking them the stiffness returned, really worked for me.

“A Fantastic way for the kids to get their supplements”

verified purchase

I absolutely love this, the kids get their supplements and a nice, tasty treat at the same time, a perfect combination, love it.

“Amazing Results”

verified purchase

Bought Women’s Bio-Balance Gummies along with Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies and Joint Gummies 6 weeks down the line. My bloating has reduced, and I've lost 8lbs, my appetite has less than halved, my arthritis and IBS has also benefited greatly.

“Best Gummies Ever”

verified purchase

My kids love this product very much! Taste is amazing! Little bears make a great job!! Will buy Kids Iron Gummies again and try other vitamins gummies from this brand!

“Very Delicious”

verified purchase

So, this is a monthly update, I've been having probiotics alongside my diet and I've noticed I'm no longer bloating like crazy, I've also went from 12 stone 11 to 11 stone 13 today so thanks probiotics for your assistance!

“Fantastic hair growth and reduced fall”

verified purchase

After experiencing tremendous hair loss on a daily basis, particularly after shampooing and combing my hair, I took the effort to find the best product for my problem. I tried so many different supplements and product, but nothing seemed to make a big difference. So, I started using Biotin gummies less than a month ago and I can already see great results - hair loss is not as bad as it used to be, plus my hair is getting thicker and bouncier. It is also growing longer quicker! I highly recommend trying this product!

“Game changer for taking vitamins”

verified purchase

This is a massive game changer, and I will explain why. I have tried taking omega in capsules but it hard to persuade everyone in my household (including me) to take mega huge omega pills every day. I have tried many times but always failed to take it daily. These gummies are tasty, and it feels almost like a reward to take them every day. Recommend it to everyone.

“Superb Product!”

verified purchase

Used Magnesium Gummies for my adult child who suffers from anxiety and due to her autism and severe cognitive difficulties, hasn't learned how to swallow pills/tablets yet. My daughter is happy to take this daily and I believe it is helping her reorganising and strengthening her nervous system.

“Really good product”

verified purchase

I’ve ordered Vitamin B12 Gummies twice, it has got nice flavour, easy to chew and swallow, works quick and long enough to keep me energised throughout the day.

“A BIG hit with my Daughter”

verified purchase

My daughter loves the Kids Multivitamin Gummies and reminds us of every morning that she needs to take one! It helps that they are basically gummy bears but it's nice that she's got into a routine of taking her vitamin daily. Compared to a lot of others on the market these are good value, and it's handy to be able to find vegan ones like this as there are so few in shops - especially in this price bracket.

“Great taste and great results!”

verified purchase

The Collagen Gummies taste great, have been using for a couple of months now, my skin looks brighter and less tired and my hair looks healthier and fuller!

“Gentle way to get sleep”

verified purchase

These 5HTP Gummies are great for getting a good night's sleep. No waking up feeling tired and being chewable, they are easy to take. If you have aches and pains at night, this is a good way to ease yourself to sleep.

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Our gummies are not only full of goodness they are delicious. We believe our customers deserve only the best and that’s why we are VEGAN* friendly and have stayed clear of palm oil.

Oh, and we have reduced
our carbon footprint by 46% in 2022

No artificial colours
No gmo
No artificial flavouring
gluten free
cruelty free

Our Collagen Gummies contain Marine Collagen, as this is the most potent form of Type I Collagen and accounts for 90% of the body’s collagen. Our Joint Gummies contain Glucosamine which is sourced from crustaceans. Our vitamin D is sourced from lanolin.